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Growing Up Mad!
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Welcome to Growing Up Mad!

Clothing and accessories should be as unique as the child wearing them!

I started making boutique bows and children's clothing shortly after my oldest daughter was born. I had a hard time finding fun and funky clothes and accessories to match her unique personality. This way I can take into considerations her interests, developments and quirky likes and dislikes. I found a lot of parents enjoy having clothing specially made to reflect their unique child.

I offer clothing and accessories for both boys and girls. While most of what I make is for newborn to the "tween" age I can make larger sizes. I also do custom orders and offer brother/sister sets.
I take into consideration everything about a child when creating and use a variety of fabrics, colors, and textures to create my wearable masterpieces.


Ryzik modeling his GUM! navy bandana set!

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Growing Up Mad!

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